About Us

Since 2017, MEDSCOPE BIOTECH CO., LTD. has been developing and manufacturing safer and more efficient medical devices, especially for the Minimally Invasive Surgical field. Medscope’s SOLID CLIP™, the 10mm Single Use Clip Applier CA16 series is our very first product to be widely adapted by surgeons globally. Even during COVID-19 pandemic, Medscope’s still able to distribute products to many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Middle East, etc.

Medscope’s brand new 5mm Single Use Clip Applier CA56 series is to be launched soon in the market. By continuously developing new products and closely connecting with existing global market network, we believe that Medscope would be one of the leading brand in minimally invasive medical field in the world.

Your health is what MEDSCOPE really concerns.

Our Mission

Innovative Leadership
Outstanding Management
Friendly Workplace
  • MEDSCOPE continuously pursues the following goals:Innovation of manufacturing process, product and management.Create a better future for medical services. With the establishment of a system, cultivation of talents, and a healthy life as the key to sustainable development, we are committed to link up with the world, and become an outstanding medical instrument supplier. For the human asset in MEDSCOPE, we believe that a safe and diverse workplace can make every employee have human rights, skills development, and fulfill himself.

Quality System

Quality is part of MEDSCOPE's mission. We conduct all the activities with the core concepts: innovation, service, communication, efficiency, quality priority and customer satisfaction. As an ISO 13485 certified factory, we are in compliance with international standards and customers' expectations, we create the most reliable products with the utmost enthusiasm in the biomedical industry.